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Do you have kids? 

Welcome! Every Sunday while the adults meet we have a special space where your kids will learn about Jesus in an atmosphere designed just for them! Our teachers are loving, energetic and creative. They can’t wait to meet your family!

How does it work?  

When you come down to the lower ground floor at Hostal Persal a friendly Kid’s Church teacher will greet you and direct you to the Kid’s Church room where they will “check-in” your child and give you a numbered tag for when you come back to check them “out”.

Feel free to check your kids “in” about 15 minutes before our service starts so they can get settle in with their new friends and you can grab a cup of coffee.

Your child will spend the next hour learning through crafts, songs and stories while you enjoy some time with other adults.

When it’s all finished and you come back to pick them up the teacher will update you on how the class went and give you an activity page so you can explore the topics further at home.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

If you have any questions you can contact us here or on Facebook or Instagram.

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